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Friday Finds — Too Many Managers, Visual Design, Accessible Learning

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The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.

Brian Herbert

As August arrives, I feel a mix of emotions as summer starts winding down. Yes, there are still plenty of steamy days ahead, and about three weeks before the kids go back to school, bringing back the 'normal' schedule. With our oldest entering his last year of high school I’m taking stock of some of the “last times” that are around the corner with him. Which is a very strong reminder that life's simplest joys with loved ones are the most treasured. I hope you are treasuring time with someone you love.

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📰 News & Notes

Why Do Companies Have So Many Managers?

This article from The Atlantic looks into the American corporate culture's over-reliance on management and its potential transformation in the wake of the pandemic. It argues that the U.S., more than any other country, is addicted to the concept of management, often promoting individuals to managerial roles based on their performance in unrelated tasks, leading to inefficiencies and a lack of genuine leadership. However, the shift towards remote work is poised to disrupt this system, necessitating a reevaluation of the role of managers, who will need to prove their worth by providing their teams with the tools to succeed, rather than simply overseeing their work.

🎯 Take away: The shift towards remote work necessitates a reevaluation of the role of managers, transforming them from overseers to facilitators who nurture talent and foster growth.

Brain Hacks: 6 Secrets to Learning Faster, Backed by Neuroscience

In this TED Talk, Lila Landowski shares some neuroscience-backed secrets that can supercharge your learning process. There are six critical ingredients to learning faster: attention, alertness, sleep, repetition, breaks, and mistakes. By harnessing these elements, you'll unlock your true learning potential and retain information like a pro. So, dive in and discover the keys to maximizing your learning journey!

🎯 Take away: Learn the six important factors to better, faster learning.

Using Imagery in Visual Design

This insightful article from NN/g is packed with valuable insights, it explores the crucial role of visuals in captivating audiences and enhancing user experiences. From the power of emotions evoked by images to practical tips on selecting the right visuals, this piece is a must-read for designers and creators aiming to craft engaging and meaningful designs.

🎯 Take away: While visual design often feels like a matter of taste more than a science, following these best practices will help you choose imagery that works well within your designs.

15 best AI tools for instant meeting summaries

Discover the wonders of AI note-taking tools! Effortlessly capture and summarize essential information from your meetings without the hassle. Check out 15 fantastic tools that will save you time and effort.

🎯 Take away: ​Get the info on 15 AI tools that will make your meeting recaps a breeze.

Debunking Myths About Creating Accessible Learning Content

Ever wondered why accessibility isn't a priority in your eLearning content creation? We've all been guilty of making excuses, including me. But let's face it, those "Yea, buts" like "nobody in our organization has a disability" or "it costs more and takes too much time" just don't hold up anymore. Diane Elkins, is here to debunk these myths and show you successful solutions. Say goodbye to being a "yea, but...-er" and embrace fully accessible learning experiences!

🎯 Take away: Get the scoop from a top expert on the accessibility mindset you should adopt for your eLearning efforts.

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