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Friday Finds — Learning's Secret Sauce, Personal AI, Teaching With AI

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Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.

Chinese proverb

This past weekend our kids had their first marching band competition. Can we pause for a moment to appreciate what goes into getting nearly 200 teenagers to do anything - let alone performing music while marching in complex formations and perfectly in sync!?!!? I'm continually amazed by how these band directors are able to pull it off. If that's not a masterclass in teaching, I don't know what is!! They make it look easy and I know it isn't - both for them and the kids. Oh, and get this—they cleaned up, winning in every category they could! How awesome is that?

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Another serendipitous music discover this week. Mills is a bit of a throwback of the best kind. Perfect vibe for work or just chilling.

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The Science of Writing for Busy People

📰 News & Notes

The “secret sauce” behind the world’s most popular online course

Barbara Oakley's course, "Learning How to Learn" is the world's most popular online course. Oakley and her team at Coursera share seven key ingredients for creating an engaging and effective online course. These ingredients range from the strategic use of visuals and multimedia to the importance of community engagement. Oakley emphasizes the blend of academia, Silicon Valley innovation, and a dash of Hollywood-style presentation as the formula for a successful online course.

🎯 Take away: Creating a world-class online course is an art that blends academic rigor, technological innovation, and cinematic flair, all aimed at engaging a global community of learners.

Google Bard is Getting Personal

Google's Bard AI chatbot has evolved beyond mere web searches, now diving into your Gmail, Docs, and Drive to fetch and summarize information. This new integration, dubbed "extensions," allows Bard to sift through your emails or documents to pinpoint specific data, which can then be transformed into charts or bullet summaries. While privacy concerns loom, Google assures that this data won't be used to train Bard's public model. The chatbot is also expanding its reach to Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights, making it a more integrated part of the Google ecosystem.

🎯 Take away: “It’s the first time a language model product is truly integrating with your personal data”.

Teaching With AI

OpenAI has unveiled a comprehensive guide tailored for educators aiming to integrate ChatGPT into their teaching methodologies. This guide encompasses a range of suggested prompts, a detailed overview of ChatGPT's operational mechanics, its inherent limitations, the effectiveness of AI detectors, and the potential biases present. Educators from various backgrounds share their experiences, highlighting the versatility of ChatGPT in roles such as simulating challenging conversations, crafting curriculum-based quizzes and lesson plans, aiding non-English speakers, and fostering critical thinking in students.

🎯 Take away: OpenAI's guide offers a roadmap to harnessing ChatGPT's potential, enhancing learning experiences and promoting critical thinking in AI-driven environments.

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