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Friday Finds — Learning Content Strategy, PowerPoint Accessibility, Generative AI

Unleash creativity with Friday Finds: learn content strategy, accessible PowerPoint, & Generative AI.

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“Be content with what you have. Rejoice in the way things are. When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

— Lao Tzu

I've been doing some reading lately on one of the most unlikely topics. I've been diving into the world of breathing. And I know what you're thinking: "A whole book about breathing? What, are they just talking about inhaling and exhaling for 300 pages?!" But let me tell you, your breath can impact your stress levels and even the shape of your face! Crazy, right? Anyway, if you're curious and want to check out the books I just devoured, here they are: "Breath”, by James Nestor and "The Oxygen Advantage" by Patrick McKeown. Trust me, your mind, body and face will thank you.

As always, thanks for reading.

🎶 What I’m Listening To

When I was in high school, I spent about a week one summer painting our house when Howard Jones had a popular album out and I’ve liked his stuff ever since. So that’s what I’m working along to today.

👆 Last Week’s Most Clicked

Less is More in Learning Design

📰 News & Notes

The Learning Content Strategy Model

The Learning Content Strategy Maturity Model is a framework designed to help organizations assess their current state of learning content strategy and identify areas for improvement. It consists of five levels that represent a progression from an ad-hoc approach to a fully integrated approach to learning content strategy. At the first level, organizations have an ad-hoc approach to learning content, while at the final level, organizations have a fully integrated approach to learning content strategy.

By using this model, organizations can evaluate their learning content strategy and create a roadmap for continuous improvement. They can identify areas where they need to improve their strategy, such as aligning content creation with organizational goals, measuring the impact of their learning content on business outcomes, or adopting a data-driven approach to content creation.

🥡 Take away: Using this approach, organizations can create learning content that drives business outcomes and improves learner skills.

PowerPoint Accessibility Freebies

In this video, Stephy Hogan shares some great accessibility tools and resources for PowerPoint and reminds us about the importance of making PowerPoint presentations accessible to all. By following accessible slide design principles such as using preset layouts, readable fonts, descriptive links, and alternative text, everyone in the audience can acquire the same information and enjoy the same experience. If you like this one, check out the rest of the series on Presentation Accessibility.

🥡 Take away: Grab the free guide on Fundamental PowerPoint Accessibility and make sure your presentations are accessible to everyone.

How to use Google Bard as a research tool

Meet Google Bard - the AI-powered chatbot that can tackle a wide range of text-based tasks, from writing poetry to summarizing complex ideas and translating languages. With Bard, you can say goodbye to the hassle of sifting through multiple pages and links to find what you need. Simply ask Bard a question, and it'll provide you with a concise, human-like response. Plus, you can ask follow-up questions to get more details. While it's not perfect yet, Bard's potential to revolutionize the way we search for information is undeniable. Check out this Google’s answer to ChatGPT and take a peek at the future of search today!

🥡 Take away: Unlike ChatGPT, Bard can access Google Search to provide up-to-date information.

How to use AI to unstick yourself

Ethan Mollick has become a must-read for me when it comes to using AI. In this article, the he delves into the potential of AI for breaking through mental blocks and sparking creativity. By using AI-powered tools like GPT-3, he explains, one can generate fresh ideas, explore new perspectives, and even enhance their writing skills. He goes on to provide a quick guide on how to use GPT-3 and offers some practical examples, such as generating blog post ideas or brainstorming.

🥡 Take away: This article highlights the value of AI as a tool for anyone seeking to overcome creative roadblocks and find inspiration.

The Operating Manual for Your Nervous System

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed out and wondered how to take control of your nervous system? Well, wonder no more, because this article has got you covered. This article explains the basics of the autonomic nervous system and how it controls our responses to stress and relaxation. It also provides some simple, practical tips for regulating your nervous system, such as deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation.

🥡 Take away: By learning how to control your nervous system, you can improve your overall well-being and better manage stress and anxiety.

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