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  • Friday Finds — Killer Workshops, Value of Pre-Tests, Slow Productivity

Friday Finds — Killer Workshops, Value of Pre-Tests, Slow Productivity

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Learning is the result of attention.

— Robert Gagne

Columbus might not take home the gold in very many competitions, but we're apparently the undisputed champions of swearing damn it! In the same vein, my son's acing his own game—landing his first college acceptance this week and a nice scholarship along with it to sweeten the deal. How's f***ing awesome is that?!?

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Mills is another recent favorite that is a perfect track for me to work along to.

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Science of Learning

📰 News & Notes

How to Give a Killer Workshop

Chris Do and Rob Fitzpatrick dissect the art and science of crafting impactful workshops in the digital age. Navigating the sea change in communication mediums, from Zoom to gaming-inspired teaching methods, they spotlight tech tools like OBS to enhance user experience. But the conversation goes beyond the gadgetry, delving into the essence of effective teaching and communication in an attention-scarce world, offering valuable insights for educators, business professionals, and digital communicators alike.

🎯 Take away: Harness the blend of cutting-edge tech and timeless teaching principles to captivate digital audiences, whether you're an educator, a communicator, or a business pro. 

Why Pre-tests Might Help Learning

Pre-tests, often overlooked, serve as powerful learning tools beyond mere assessments. Acting as a primer for the brain, they help learners tap into their prior knowledge, spotlighting what they don't yet know. This awareness not only engages one's cognitive faculties more robustly but also paves the way for a more targeted and effective learning experience. It's akin to a reconnaissance mission before the main battle, giving invaluable insights that could be the difference between victory and defeat in the war of knowledge acquisition.

🎯 Take away: Pre-tests prime the brain for more effective learning by creating a mental framework that helps with the retention and understanding of new information.

It’s Time to Embrace Slow Productivity

This article spoke to me. It argues for a shift towards "slow productivity," challenging the conventional wisdom of relentless speed and efficiency in the modern workplace. Drawing on historical parallels and multidisciplinary examples, it contends that embracing a more deliberate pace can lead to more meaningful work and a balanced life. The piece advocates for the recalibration of our attitudes toward productivity, suggesting that quality should trump quantity, and that taking time to reflect, iterate, and even to "do nothing" can yield more sustainable success and well-being.

🎯 Take away: We need fewer things to work on. Starting now.

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This is the conversation that caught my ear this week. Check out previous episodes in the Friday Finds podcast playlist.

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