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Friday Finds — Good Mistakes, Science of Learning, Working Out Loud

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A person with a healthy self approaches life with a lens of agency and gratitude. Even in the face of difficulty, engagement and enthusiasm for life persist.

— Paul Conti

Lately, I've been thinking about all the exciting new tools that are replacing the old ones. Tools like Canva, Descript, and ChatGPT have so much potential. What's the latest tool that excites you? How do you plan to keep up with all these new options? I’d love to hear your thoughts and learn about the latest tool that excites you—please take a few seconds and share yours here.

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Today I’m spinning Current Blue, a band that “blends indie, surf and R&B into a unique and distinguishable sound.”

📰 News & Notes

The Art of Making Good Misstakes

A researcher found that the teams who displayed the best teamwork were the ones making the most mistakes. What on earth was going on? Turns out that the key to learning from failure is creating a culture of psychological safety where people feel comfortable admitting mistakes, as well as having proper data and analysis to determine what works and what doesn't. Individuals also need to keep an open mind about their own errors, seek feedback, and commit to improvement. Organizations and individuals that embrace failure as an opportunity to learn will be more adaptable and perform better in the long run.

🎯 Take away: Mistakes, when approached with a positive mindset, can be valuable stepping stones on the path to success.

The Science of Learning

“The Science of Learning” from Deans for Impact is a compilation of evidence-based principles and strategies for effective learning benefits learners and educators. This is a useful summary of the existing research from cognitive science related to how people learn, connected to its practical implications for teaching and learning. This document is intended to a good resource anyone who is interested in our best scientific understanding of how learning takes place.

🎯 Take away: Teaching for durable and flexible learning requires using evidence-based cognitive science strategies like spacing, interleaving, and prompted metacognition.

'Rehumanize' Your Workplace by Working out Loud

I’ve long been a fan of John Stepper’s Working Out Loud mindset. This article from reworked explores the concept of "working out loud" as a means to rehumanize the workplace. It discusses how openly sharing one's work progress and insights can foster collaboration, transparency, and a more connected work environment, ultimately benefiting both employees and organizations. The article provides practical insights into implementing this approach effectively.

🎯 Take away: Building a more human-centered workplace involves encouraging open communication and collaboration, ultimately leading to increased productivity and a stronger sense of connection among team members.

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