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  • Friday Finds — Future of L&D, Learning Research, Visual Frameworks

Friday Finds — Future of L&D, Learning Research, Visual Frameworks

“If you do not know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing.”

— W. Edwards Deming

Schools out, schools out, teachers let the monkeys out! The kids just wrapped up their final exams and we’re celebrating with a trip to New York City for some sightseeing and a Taylor Swift concert (My daughter’s Christmas present - maybe for the next 5 Christmases! ) If you know of any hidden or ‘must do’ things in NYC, please hit reply and send them my way.

As always, thanks for reading.

🎶 What I’m Listening To

This week I’ve been loving a new to me artist and creative speller – Biskwiq. Something with a little attitude, but still kinda chill.

👆 Last Week’s Most Clicked

The Ultimate Guide to Curation for L&D

📰 News & Notes

In The Know: Back to the FUTURE of L&D

In an engaging conversation with JD Dillon, Donald Taylor embarked on a journey through the evolution of Learning and Development (L&D) over the past two decades. They explored significant workplace trends, learning to identify valuable investments amidst fleeting fads.

🥡 Take away: Tune into this expert conversation if you’d like insights on how to navigate the dynamic L&D landscape with clarity and informed decision-making.

10 Most Important Teaching & Learning Studies of the Past 50 Years

This post explores key findings in educational research over the past 50 years. It highlights the shift from teacher-centered to student-centered approaches. Important topics include the significance of feedback, the effectiveness of retrieval practice, the benefits of metacognition, and the role of technology in education. Overall, the post emphasizes active learning and the need for thoughtful integration of technology.

🥡 Take away: Educational research over the past 50 years has highlighted the importance of student-centered approaches, active learning strategies, and effective instructional techniques.

Visual Frameworks Library

Created by Dave Gray, this site offers visual frameworks—pictorial mental models—to help clarify thoughts and foster shared understanding about diverse situations. These intuitive sketches represent recognizable patterns and are designed to be easily understood. Inspired by the concept of the "pattern that connects," Gray collects these patterns on his site, hoping they can help others navigate complex situations.

[A tip of the hat to Mathias Vermeulen’s newsletter for this one.]

Take away: This collection of visuals can help you tap into the power and utility of visual frameworks as tools for understanding complex concepts and situations.

The UX Cookbook

This site is packed with 'recipes' for all things UX - from research and personas to design and usability testing. And guess what? They're always adding new stuff. It's your one-stop-shop for creating impactful learning solutions that your users will love​​.

🥡 Take away: This site is a comprehensive and evolving resource for understanding and implementing User Experience (UX) principles that can improve the design of your learning design efforts.

AI’s Increasingly Important Role in L&D

This eBook by Markus Bernhardt, presents a synthesis of articles for L&D professionals covering the latest trends, technologies, and implications of AI in our industry. Give it a read to dive deeper into the future of adaptive and personalized learning.

🥡 Take away: While AI can be a useful tool in learning and development, it is important to be aware of its limitations and potential ethical implications..

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These are the conversations that caught my ear this week.

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