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Friday Finds — Content Atomization, Learning Pathways, ChatGPT Tone

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Do what you can with what you have where you are.

― Theodore Roosevelt

Is it just me or is March always kind of a blur? One minute, it’s snowing; the next, it's sunny enough for shorts (at least here in Ohio). And, of course, there's the whole ‘March Madness’ college basketball thing that’s about to kick-off. No wonder the month flies by in a blur! Here's hoping whatever ‘madness’ you face that it is only the good kind.

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📰 News & Notes

Atomize Your Learning: Unleashing the Power of Bite-Sized Content in L&D

Earlier this week, I shared some thoughts on the atomization of L&D content. Basically, atomization breaks down complex information into small, easy-to-understand pieces. This helps learners engage with the content and remember it better. By providing bite-sized learning that fits modern learners' needs and busy schedules, atomization makes learning more accessible and efficient. This approach aligns with how the brain naturally processes information, making educational efforts more productive and effective. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. Are you already doing this? If not, do you see how it could help you and your work?

🎯 Take away: Atomized learning transforms L&D by making education more accessible, engaging, and effective through the power of bite-sized content.

Should you order learning content by relevance or create structured pathways?

For anyone interested in curating learning content, this article by Filtered on structuring learning content highlights a key point: it's not about choosing relevance over pathways, but finding a balance. Personalized, relevant content grabs attention by addressing learners' needs, while structured pathways offer a roadmap for a comprehensive understanding. This two-pronged approach creates an engaging and well-rounded learning experience, ensuring both enjoyment and mastery of the subject.

🎯 Take away: The best learning designs make learning both relevant and clear. They let learners explore what interests them while also guiding them towards a complete understanding.

ChatGPT and Tone: Avoid Sounding Like a Robot

This article from Nielsen Norman Group discusses the challenges of using ChatGPT to achieve the desired tone in written content. ChatGPT tends to exaggerate tones, resulting in unnatural responses, but using multiple nuanced tone words and training with existing copy can lead to better results. Users often engage in "accordion editing" to refine AI-generated content and may edit the final output outside the AI chatbot to add real-world information and adjust details. The article highlights the limitations of conversational user interfaces in their current form and emphasizes the importance of being specific in prompts and prepared to edit AI-generated content​

🎯 Take away: Including several tone words or an example in the prompt, as well as asking for multiple alternatives, are more likely to produce satisfactory output from AI.

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