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Friday Finds — Beautiful Documents, Memorable Images, Curation vs Creation

🖼️ Picture yourself creating beautiful documents, using impactful images and more!

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"Even when we can't become the best, we can still be a little better at the things that matter most to us. A little better is often enough."

— Scott H. Young

I've been test-driving the Arc browser now that it's available for Windows, and it's been quite an experience! Two of its standout features are the Command Bar, which allows you to quickly navigate through tabs, bookmarks, and perform searches, making browsing faster and more efficient, and Spaces, which lets you organize your tabs into different workspaces, keeping your browsing organized and reducing clutter. It's worth checking out if you're looking for a fresh take on web browsing.

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This morning I’m enjoying some indie music with relatable lyrics by Claire Rosinkranz

📰 News & Notes

Creating Beautiful Documents in PowerPoint

PowerPoint isn't just for presentations! It can be a powerful tool for crafting visually engaging reports, proposals, tip sheets, handouts, and more. Combine clear, concise text with stunning visuals to get your message across effectively. Want to see how this can work? BrightCarbon shows you how and even includes how BrightSlide helps you set up easy-to-follow guides to maintain a professional look throughout your document.

🎯 Take away: PowerPoint can be a great option for creating impactful reports, proposals, and other documents.

7 Tips for Memorable and Easy-to-Understand Imagery

Nielsen Norman Group offers advice on enhancing content comprehension and memorability through strategic visual use. Key tips include choosing relevant visuals, avoiding stock photos, displaying products in realistic contexts, placing visuals close to relevant text, using a limited number of high-resolution images, and considering cultural interpretations. Testing visuals for comprehension and memorability is also recommended.

🎯 Take away: A few relevant, high-quality visuals placed next to associated text can boost users’ comprehension of your content and its memorability.

Content Curation vs. Creation: Which Is Better for L&D?

The article discusses the benefits of content curation versus creation in learning and development (L&D). While AI has made both easier, the human touch is crucial in deciding when to curate or create content. Content curation is generally faster and cheaper, ideal for common industry topics and rapidly changing fields. Creation is better for niche, advanced, or company-specific content. Effective curation involves organizing content into meaningful pathways and engaging learners with clear, relevant, and actionable information.

🎯 Take away: Content curation often provides faster, cheaper, and more engaging learning solutions than content creation.

If you’re conducting training through virtual calls, your learners may be “zoomed” out! Moving to eLearning could be the solution. Discover the five key questions before converting your live, virtual training to eLearning.

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Jotform Tables transforms your form data into a powerful workspace in seconds. With three new collaboration features, collecting, managing, and organizing your data has never been easier.

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Crafting Your iSpring Portfolio

Are you an instructional designer in search of new clients and better projects? Take a closer look at your portfolio — this is a crucial part of your pitch and a way to show potential clients and employers what you can offer.

Join iSpring’s webinar, hosted by Holly Owens, to master the art of building a standout instructional design portfolio. In this hands-on workshop, Holly will delve into the powerful features of iSpring Suite, a leading eLearning tool, and explain how to leverage it to showcase your instructional design excellence to advance your ID career.

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