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Friday Finds — AI Trouble, PARA Method, Novices vs Experts

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"Ignorance is curable. Refusing to learn is not."

― E. Michale Helms

With school back in session, marching band activities for both kids in full swing, work , and the usual array of family and miscellaneous tasks that life brings, I've been busy. But I have started experimenting with a couple of cold plunges each week. (I'm still working on how to make the water colder while the weather is so hot.)I’m still curious to see if any of the potential health benefits start to appear but I’m enjoying it so far. Stay tuned!

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Sure Sure is a band I discovered with the help of the playlists that Spotify makes for me. Great music to work along with don’t you think?

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Focus on the ‘Learning’ of MicroLearning

📰 News & Notes

10 Ways an Instructional Designer Can Get in Trouble or Fired by Using ChatGPT or AI

In this video, Karl Kapp discusses the potential pitfalls instructional designers might face when over-relying on AI tools like ChatGPT. These risks range from violating company security policies by inputting proprietary information to receiving inaccurate or biased content. The AI's potential to produce false citations, culturally insensitive content, and generic, non-creative solutions further complicates its use. Additionally, there's a danger of degrading one's professional skills over time by leaning too heavily on these types of tools.

🎯 Take away: While AI tools like ChatGPT can spark creativity, over-reliance on them can lead to professional pitfalls and a decline in one's instructional design skills.

Organize Your Bookmarks with the PARA Method for Lightning Fast Web Browsing

Julia Saxena from Forte Labs discusses the transformative power of the PARA Method in organizing browser bookmarks for efficient web browsing. The PARA Method, an acronym for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives, offers a structured approach to categorizing and accessing information based on its actionability. By applying this method to browser bookmarks, users can streamline their digital workspace, ensuring that the most relevant links are easily accessible, while less pertinent ones are neatly archived.

🎯 Take away: The PARA Method provides a systematic approach to declutter and organize browser bookmarks, enhancing productivity and ease of access.

Novices, Experts and Everything In-between: Epistemology and Pedagogy

In this post, Adam Boxer looks at the distinctions between novices and experts in the realm of learning. He posits that while novices possess fragmented and disconnected knowledge in a domain, experts have a comprehensive, interconnected understanding. The journey from novice to expert involves the steady acquisition of knowledge, with novices focusing on mastering the content of a domain and experts working to expand it. In short, novices are not experts; their cognitive architectures are worlds apart. And their best learning strategy is very different.

🎯 Take away: Teaching methods should differ for novices and experts, with novices benefiting from explicit pedagogy and scaffolded learning, while experts engage in inquiry-based approaches

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