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Friday Finds — AI Tips, Working Out Loud, Future of Work

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98% of success is consistently doing boring things that no one sees. 2% is visible and exciting, so that's all everyone talks about.

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🎶 What I’m Listening To

Today I’m listening to another old favorite, Grammatik, which I think is the perfect background music for working and studying.

📰 News & Notes

Master ChatGPT in 2024 - Every Feature Explained (hidden ones too)

For a video that comes in under 25 minutes, this is a comprehensive guide to working with ChatGPT that covers recent updates, new features, and hidden functionalities to help you get the most out of it. It focuses on custom instructions, vision, plugins, custom GPTs, and the ability to call GPTs within any chat, along with practical tips for prompt engineering and utilizing ChatGPT's capabilities to the fullest. Even if you don’t have time to watch it now, it is worth a bookmark - and be sure to grab the free ChatGPT at Work PDFs.

🎯 Take away: This is a worthy investment of your time to up your game and get better at how you interact with AI to optimize our digital workflows.

Research on Working Out Loud

I’m a big fan of the concept of Working Out Loud. In a groundbreaking study, the first scientific paper on the effectiveness of Working Out Loud (WOL) reveals significant benefits in fostering a collaborative and open work culture. This research, rooted in empirical evidence, demonstrates how WOL practices enhance job satisfaction, employee engagement, and the development of professional skills by promoting transparency, interconnectedness, and continuous learning. The study underscores the transformative potential of WOL in reshaping workplace dynamics and driving organizational success through increased innovation and adaptability.

🎯 Take away: The first study on Working Out Loud highlights its key role in boosting job satisfaction, engagement, and skills through a culture of openness and collaboration.

Microsoft’s Future of Work Report

Forget the robot takeover! Microsoft's 2023 Future of Work report says it's all about human-AI teamwork. This year's edition dives deep into how AI isn't just speeding things up but transforming entire jobs across all skill levels. Think of it like having your very own ChatGPT or Microsoft Copilot 365 as a sidekick, automating tasks and boosting your productivity. Using AI for more than just routine tasks can lead to innovation. Imagine AI as your brainstorming buddy, sparking ideas and helping you reimagine work processes. The key question isn't "Will AI replace us?", but "How can we partner with AI to be more creative and efficient?"

🎯 Take away: AI is transforming work by enhancing human skills, sparking a reevaluation of our tech integration strategies in the workplace.

🧰 Tech Tools & Tips

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🎧 Podcast

This is the conversation that caught my ear this week. Check out previous episodes in the Friday Finds podcast playlist.

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Identify and Foster Leaders in Your Team

The 9-Box Grid is a framework that maps out an organization’s talent pool along two axes: current performance and future potential. This straightforward tool can help you identify employees who are doing great, need some support, or could be your next star leaders.

Discover how to use this framework correctly. Read our in-depth article

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