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Friday Finds — AI Ecosystem, Think Before Googling, Golden Years

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“It has become ever more clear to me that if I had spent my life avoiding any and all potential risks, I would have missed doing most of the things that have comprised the best years of my life”

 Phoebe Snetsinger

Some people have wondered why I have music in my newsletter. The inspiration originally came from Tim Ferris' newsletter, and I even considered removing it at one point. But, the analytics revealed that it's consistently one of the most clicked-on items, so it's here to stay. Apparently, a lot of you like 80s music by the way. Andrew Huberman recently shared some scientific rationale for our collective affinity for music. Beyond just lifting our spirits, instrumental music that aligns with our heart rate is proven to enhance focus and emotional well-being. So, in this week's edition, I've curated a playlist of songs that are my go-to for "Good Days."

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🎶 What I’m Listening To

This is my personal playlist of music that always helps me have “Good Days”. What songs are in the sound track of your best days?

📰 News & Notes

Why Thinking Before Googling Matters

This post look into the cognitive implications of Googling information versus attempting to recall it from memory. Drawing on research by Saskia Giebl and colleagues, it argues that pausing to think before resorting to Google enhances long-term memory and learning, especially for complex questions. This "pretesting effect" activates existing knowledge and piques curiosity, thereby enriching cognitive processing. However, the act of formulating a Google query also has its merits, as it can serve as a generative activity that aids in learning.

🎯 Take away: Thinking before Googling not only strengthens long-term memory but also enhances the learning process, particularly for challenging questions.

Applying AI Across the L&D Ecosystem

Cognota recently hosted their inaugural LearnOps Summit, a treasure trove of knowledge for those engaged in L&D Operations. The panel discussion on "Applying AI Across the L&D Ecosystem" featuring Eliot Masie, Myra Rolden, JD Dillon, Kim Morick, Christopher Lind, and Claudio Erba, was a highlight. They discussed the game-changing possibilities of AI in the L&D sphere, exploring facets such as content curation, tailored learning experiences, governance protocols, and the indispensable element of human interaction in a world leaning towards automation. (Free registration req’d)

🎯 Take away: AI in L&D is not just a technological shift but a cultural one, requiring a blend of machine efficiency and human nuance to truly revolutionize how we learn and develop.

Never past your prime! 13 peaks we reach at 40 or later – from sex to running to self-esteem

For those of us who are navigating midlife, this article from the Guardian dismantles the societal narrative that aging is synonymous with decline. The piece, backed by various studies and expert opinions, argues that many skills and attributes actually peak later in life. From chess mastery and ultramarathon performance in your 40s to emotional intelligence and conflict resolution in your 60s, the article presents a compelling case for the benefits of aging. It even suggests that happiness peaks at 82, challenging the notion that youth is the golden period of life.

🎯 Take away: Aging isn't a downhill journey; it's a series of peaks, many of which are reached well beyond your 40s, offering a richer, more fulfilling life experience.

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