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Friday Finds — Smart Brevity, L&D Reports, ID Books

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“Work starts from problems and learning starts from questions. Work is creating value and learning is creating knowledge. Both work and learning require the same things: interaction and engagement.”

― Esko Kilpi

Spring officially arrived this week, but Mother Nature had other plans – it snowed! Thankfully, spring break is next week, and I'm thrilled for an adventure with my son, who is graduating from high school this spring. To top it all off, we'll be stopping in Ghent to catch up with Mathias Vermeulen and eat an insane amount of Belgian waffles!

Thanks for reading!

🎶 What I’m Listening To

This we’ve got a Sure Sure kind of vibe going over here.

📰 News & Notes

The Art of Smart Brevity - Write Less, Say More

In today's world filled with constant communication, journalist Jim VandeHei created Axios, a media company focused on delivering clear and concise news to cut through the noise. He argues that effective communication requires brevity and efficiency, and the lessons he learned building Axios can be applied by anyone who wants to be heard and remembered. To dig in a little more, check out the book and the website and learn more about how you can adopt this philosophy of smart brevity in your work.

🎯 Take away: Despite the explosion of communication, clear and concise communication is key to being heard in today's noisy world.

What L&D Industry Reports Do You Read?

In a recent LinkedIn post, Donald Taylor sparked a great conversation by asking about the L&D industry reports people find most valuable. He highlighted the wealth of resources available, including reports from lesser-known sources or different regions. Do you have a favorite L&D industry report? Share it with us! What makes it stand out for you?

🎯 Take away: Join the conversation about valuable learning and development (L&D) industry reports available over on LinkedIn.

12 Books for Instructional Designers to Read This Year

Connie Malamed has curated a selection of 12 essential books for instructional designers to read this year. Ranging from foundational texts on cognitive psychology and learning science to practical guides on eLearning development and visual design, these books offer a well-rounded education in the field. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of instructional design principles, enhance your skills in creating engaging learning experiences, or explore innovative teaching strategies, this list provides a valuable resource for professionals at all levels of expertise.

🎯 Take away: These books for instructional designers encompass a blend of theoretical foundations and practical applications to advance your ID practice.

Are you looking to bolster your L&D toolkit? The Neovation Learning Hub contains over 300 valuable resources to explore across eLearning development, instructional design, and online training concepts!

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This is the conversation that caught my ear this week. Check out previous episodes in the Friday Finds podcast playlist.

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